How Much Do Entry Level Insurance Agents Make?

How Much Do Entry Level Insurance Agents Make

According to Insureon, An insurance broker is a professional who represents consumers in their search for the best insurance policies for their needs and the entire US. They work closely with their clients to research coverage, terms, conditions, and prices and then recommend the insurance policy that best fits the bill. Learn how to become an insurance broker below!

Brokers need to be an expert in knowing their client’s needs and providing them with the best coverage at the best price. Despite the pandemic, it is expected that the insurance industry will pick itself up and the demand for insurance brokers will rise all over the US. Insurance Brokers are expected to see the rise too. This means it is easier for insurance brokers to get jobs and if you want to know how to become an independent insurance agent.

Insurance Brokers have broader access to the market and can easily acquire multiple price quotes to fit a client’s needs. The brokers do not need appointments from the Insurance Companies. However, once their clients select a policy, they cannot bind the coverage and complete the sales. They hand over the client to the Insurance Agents to take over from there.

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how much do entry level insurance agents make

Insurance Broker- Getting started!

Learn to Become states 5 ways on how to become an insurance broker:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Add an Internship to Your Broker Training experience
  • Obtain an Insurance Broker License
  • Find a Job with a brokerage
  • Obtain Broker Certification

Responsibilities of an Insurance Broker

The job of a broker differs from the general insurance agent’s job. We discussed the differences in a separate topic below. For now, let us look at the key responsibilities of an insurance broker.

  • Develop effective marketing strategies
  • Business development and promotional activities
  • Building relationships with clients and insurance companies
  • Administrative tasks and maintaining documentation
how to become an insurance broker
how to become an insurance broker

How do Insurance Brokers get paid?

Brokers earn money through their service fees and commissions. According to Investopedia, “full-service Insurance brokers can charge an annual fee between 1% and 1.5% of total assets managed for a client.” This might feel like a small percentage, but usually, insurance amounts are hefty, meaning the brokers earn a good sum out of single transactions. In addition,  Insurance brokers have to disclose their commission charges.

Insurance Broker Liability

It is crucial for Insurance brokers, to be honest, upfront, and frank with their clients. Any sort of lying or cheating does not sit well from a consumer perspective. A consumer cannot sue the insurance company as a broker is an individual entity.

An insurance broker will be sued in case of the following activities:

  • Firstly, the broker misrepresents the nature, extent, or scope of coverage
  • Secondly, the insured specifically requests a certain type or extent of coverage and the broker does not include it in the policy
  •  Thirdly, they hold themselves out as an expert in a specific field of insurance
  •  Lastly, the insurance broker reduces coverage limits without the policyholder’s consent.

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Agent VS Broker – Who’s the one for you?

The first decision to make would be if you want to work for the insurance company or the clients. You can still advise and advocate for your client as an insurance agent but at the end of the day, you will primarily be working for the insurance company.

  • As an agent, you will be deciding upon captive or independent agents, while brokers don’t have to make such choices
  • As a broker, you will have to advise, advocate and research the best policy for your customer but won’t be able to bind the coverage.

Being an insurance professional might come with good money but it also entails hard work, honesty, and integrity. Furthermore, Loyalty towards the client will help you become the Insurance Broker.

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