How to Get Your Insurance Agent License

How to Get Your Insurance Agent License

Since brokers do not get tied to any insurance firm, you’re free to suggest whatever you think is best for your client rather than what the insurance company wants. We’ll walk you through the most popular steps on how to become an insurance broker. Some steps you can take to obtain their insurance license in the sections below.

Check your state’s standards

The qualifications for insurance brokers vary by state. Some, for example, require you to have a bachelor’s degree, while others do not. In certain jurisdictions, you must obtain a producer license rather than an insurance broker license. You should be able to locate your state’s criteria by searching for your state’s department of insurance website. You can also look at National Insurance Producer Registry.

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how to get your insurance agent license

Pre-licensing requirements must be met in full

Complete the following coursework: You should expect to learn about ethics and insurance codes.

Fingerprints should get sent to: You may be required to send your fingerprints for a background check in certain states.

Take the qualifying exam: State laws and insurance policies can be covered on licensing tests. Depending on your specialty, you might need to take a few tests.

Application Submission: Send your application after you’ve completed your state’s pre-licensing criteria. You’ll have to include proof that you passed your exams and finished the necessary coursework. Your state may also want to know about your job background.

You’ll have to pay an application fee, and you might have to spend several application fees for each license.

Get a bond with an insurance broker: Before you can start working as an insurance broker, most states require you to obtain an insurance broker bond. This surety bond is a three-party deal between the broker, the surety agency, and the state.

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how to become an insurance broker
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